Atma Yoga

This Atma yoga class consists of yoga classes that consists of pranayama techniques and Hatha Asanas practice. We will start withvarious Surya Namaskaras (sun salutations), then standing postures, balancing, sitted, reversed and twisted asanas.

Throughout the class we pay attention to a correct method of entering and exiting the postures and also more importantly, the concentration of the mind, paying a lot of attention to the breath and the energy flow while moving or holding the posture. The class lasts for 90 minutes and. finishes with some balancing pranayamas and mantra chanting.

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Yevgeniia Lavrenchuk

My name is Yevgeniia and I am Ukrainian born. Since many years I am busy researching the movement and creative flow of possibilities of the physical body. ‍At the age of 16 I started studying yoga asanas intensely. .

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