Open Improvisation

This class is for everyone, no prior dance experience is required. Dancers, non dancers, yogis, everyone is welcome. Open Improvisation, like the title suggests, is an improvisation class led by me, giving you some ideas, tasks and imaginary pictures to work with and apply on your body in a creative way. The class lasts for 30/40 min. One rule in this class is to not stop.

Continuously moving for the whole time. There is no wrong way of moving. Each body is individual and unique, so as the moment of the body. There will be some terminology used to describe a specific state or quality of the movement, like “floating”, “quaking”, “shaking”, “rope or line of the energy”, “internal and 

external awareness”. You will be introduced to everything and everything will be explained in the class. Since working for many years as a professional dancer, I have collected knowledge from different improvisation teqniques, such as “Gaga” founded by Ohad Naharin, “William Forsythe Improvisation”, Deborah Hay’s dance practice, using questions for movement like:

“What if where I am is what I need?” is not about what I need but an opportunity to remember the question “What if where I am is what I need?”? What if dance is how I practice my relationship with my whole body at once in relationship to the space where I am dancing in relationship to each passing moment in relationship to my audience? What if the depth of this question is on the surface? What if my choice to surrender the pattern, and it is just a pattern, of facing a single direction or fixing on a singularly coherent idea, feeling, or object when I am dancing is a way of remembering to see where I am in order to surrender where I am? What if how I see while I am dancing is a means by which movement arises without looking for it?

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Yevgeniia Lavrenchuk

My name is Yevgeniia and I am Ukrainian born. Since many years I am busy researching the movement and creative flow of possibilities of the physical body. ‍At the age of 16 I started studying yoga asanas intensely. .

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